Receiving Donated Breast Milk For Your Baby

Our milk from carefully screened donors is provided primarily to premature infants in neonatal intensive care units. However, there are other reasons why a doctor may prescribe milk:

  • Failing to thrive on formula
  • Mother has insufficient milk supply
  • Adopted, foster, or surrogate babies
  • Illness or health risk from the mother that prevents or requires interruption of breastfeeding

If your full-term baby is at home and needs donor milk, a healthcare provider's prescription is required. Talk with your child's provider about using donor milk at home.

A processing fee of $4.90 per ounce helps to offset the costs required to make donor milk safe and nourishing including collecting, bottling, pasteurizing, testing, and storing each precious ounce.

Start The Process

Please fill out the contact form below. Once NYMB confirms availability, you will be directed to fill out and submit the required forms found at this link. Please email the completed forms to [email protected].

Hear from our recipients



Milk Recipient

"We are a gay family, Aspen has two dads. He was born 5 weeks premature back in October 2020. We researched a lot of options and The New York Milk Bank was not only the closest but were willing to help us out with our insurance as the cost of breast milk can be challenging. The experience has been nothing but great I would encourage anyone who can donate to donate and provide the gift of breast milk to children who need it for development and have no other option like Danny and me."

-Ricky and Danny



Milk Recipient

"As a carrier of a BRCA mutation, I chose to have a preventative mastectomy to reduce my breast cancer risk and couldn’t breast feed my son. The New York Milk Bank made the impossible possible – my son has been fed breast milk for the first year of his life and I like to think he’s drawn his incredible strength from all of the amazing women who donate to The New York Milk Bank. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve all done for our family."

-Gilks Family

Elowyn Sullivan


Milk Recipient

"It’s not often that you call an establishment these days and get to speak to a live person let alone a person that bears with your thirty minutes worth of very specific questions. Any reservations I had prior to beginning this chapter receiving milk were put to ease after the very first call with The New York Milk Bank. From their organized and timely responses to their patience for busy background noise, their actions speak volumes about patients and families being the utmost priority. Elowyn was set up to receive milk almost immediately and it has been an absolute blessing. She is a happy healthy babe who radiates joy within our household.”

-Sullivan Family