Donated Breast Milk Saves Lives

The New York Milk Bank is the first nonprofit milk bank in New York State. Milk collected from carefully screened donors is pasteurized and distributed to infants in need.

About Us

The New York Milk Bank provides Pasteurized Donor Human Milk when mothers' own milk is insufficient or unavailable. Our top priority is to provide donor milk to hospitalized premature infants. 

Why Breast Milk?

Human Milk provides an ideal combination of nutrients, as well as important antibodies. These components cannot be completely replicated in any other source of nutrition. For premature and medically fragile babies, it can be a medical necessity.

Milk Banking

The New York Milk Bank is licensed by The New York State Department of Health and is accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). HMBANA believes in a world where all infants have access to human milk through the support of breastfeeding and the use of pasteurized donor human milk.

In the News

The New York Milk Bank has provided over 1,000,000 ounces of milk to infants in the Tri-State area. Click to read more about the impact we are making to save infant lives.




The Numbers

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Since 2016, The New York Milk Bank has screened over 5,000 potential donors and dispensed over one million ounces of milk.

Get Screened To Become a Milk Donor!

A baby in the NICU may consume as little as one ounce in a single feeding. Start the easy 4-step screening process to become a milk donor!
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Once you've been approved to donate milk, use one of our convenient collection sites to drop off your milk.

Donate Milk

We have over 25 milk depots licensed by The New York State Department of Health set up across the Tri-State area. If it isn’t convenient for you to drop your milk off at one of these collection sites, we can send a prepaid shipping box to you so you can send your milk directly to The New York Milk Bank.

Receive Milk
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Receive Milk

Our primary purpose is to provide donor milk to premature and medically fragile babies in the NICU. When supplies allow, donor milk may be available for your baby at home when moms' own milk is not available. Priority is given to babies with a medical need.

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Other Ways To Support

There are plenty of ways to get involved without donating milk. Both financial and volunteer contributions go a long way toward helping our organization better serve families in need.

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